Riskonnect partners with OnSolve to offer a new Threat Intelligence module

Riskonnect has enhanced its Business Continuity and Resilience solution through a partnership with OnSolve.

Riskonnect will utilize OnSolve’s Risk Intelligence to offer a new Threat Intelligence module to provide resilience leaders the ability to monitor global threats in real time and respond faster and more effectively to critical events.

“In today’s evolving risk landscape, situational awareness is a critical asset for resilience leaders to protect their people, property, and partners,” said Kathryn Carlson, SVP of product management at Riskonnect.

“Filtering through the noise and gaining access to the right information at the right time can be a challenge. Through our partnership with OnSolve, Riskonnect’s new Threat Intelligence module enables risk leaders to confidently respond faster, with more efficiency to evolving risks,” Carlson continued.

Riskonnect’s Business Continuity and Resilience solution will integrate OnSolve’s AI-powered risk intelligence data, a feed of analyst-vetted and AI-generated data that uses machine learning to ingest thousands of verified data sources and identify the most critical events facing an organization to ensure that the right people get the right information at the right time.

OnSolve’s Risk Intelligence, coupled with Riskonnect’s software, provides resilience leaders with a contextualized real-time view of the threat landscape via a live threat feed displayed on a global and interactive map.

“The growing threat landscape is complex and requires proactivity to mitigate the ripple effect across operations and industries,” said Sue Holub, chief growth officer at OnSolve.

“Our partnership with Riskonnect will help businesses surface relevant threats sooner, so they can act faster to mitigate the impact and ultimately, remain resilient,” Holub continued.

In the past 12 months, OnSolve detected more than 15 million critical events for customers. With a focus on proximity and granularity, OnSolve coverage now includes data sources that are local and international.

Data types include law enforcement and emergency services, national and local news sources, security analyst reports, traffic incidents, and natural disaster information.

Through this partnership, resilience leaders can integrate their organization’s internal contacts and business assets to instantly understand the impact and proximity of a given threat to employees, facilities, and suppliers.

They can customize the threat types, severity levels, and geographies they want to monitor to stay focused on events most relevant to their organization and immediately act and activate business continuity plans.

Users can notify key stakeholders and easily configure who should be notified when a threat meets specific criteria through an intuitive dashboard within Riskonnect, designed to simplify and expedite the critical event-response process.

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