Snowflake and AWS expand partnership to drive customer-focused innovation

Snowflake and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have unveiled a multi-year expansion of their partnership, with Snowflake growing its AWS spend and both companies jointly contributing millions of dollars to support go-to-market efforts.

The expansion of the collaboration will take a deep, multi-faceted approach to fuel growth and drive customer-focused innovation across sales and marketing, industry solutions, product integrations, and more.

“Over the past three years, Snowflake and AWS have quickly created what we believe may be one of the most successful technology co-sell partnerships in cloud computing,” Snowflake CEO, Frank Slootman said.

“We are continuing to strengthen our partnership with deep collaborations in industry vertical solutions and product integrations in machine learning capabilities, with a single-minded focus on what’s best for our customers,” Slootman continued.

“Data is at the center of every application, process, and business decision, and is the cornerstone of digital transformation. Working alongside Snowflake, we are unlocking new value for thousands of customers around the world and helping them maximize their data investments,” said Adam Selipsky, CEO of Amazon Web Services.

“The strong relationship between AWS and Snowflake is empowering the world’s leading businesses to grow and prosper,” Selipsky added.

Snowflake and AWS will expand their strategic initiatives to explore new frontiers and drive customer-focused innovation in numerous ways, such as:

  • Developing industry solutions: Snowflake and the AWS industry teams have been collaborating to build joint industry-specific solutions to serve the needs of their biggest customers. AWS closely collaborated on each industry Data Cloud that Snowflake has launched to-date, including Financial Services, Media & Advertising, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Retail, and Telecom Data Clouds. The companies plan to continue to expand these tailored solution offerings to new industries to allow more organizations to accelerate innovation.
  • Deepening product integrations: Snowflake and AWS continue to invest in deep product integrations across machine learning/artificial intelligence, data governance, streaming data, as well as other areas, to create the best experience for joint customers. Snowflake is also taking advantage of AWS’s custom silicon investments with workloads running on Graviton instances delivering performance enhancements of approximately 10%2, with no changes needed from customers.
  • Increasing sales collaboration: Snowflake and AWS have heavily invested in creating increased sales collaborations and driving strong field sales alignment with each other. This includes new investments that are winning strategic opportunities and migrating large-scale on-premises applications to the AWS cloud. Both companies are adding resources to further drive joint sales in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Japan.
  • Expanding marketing strategies: AWS continues to work alongside the Snowflake team to drive awareness and demand for joint industry solutions and product integrations. Additionally, Snowflake and AWS continue to invest in having a marquee presence at each other’s global events, as well as industry events, so that mutual customers and prospects have the opportunity to learn about joint industry solutions and product integrations.

Delivering the best possible customer experience is key to both Snowflake’s and AWS’s strategy and growth together and has led to the companies expanding their co-selling goals by 5x since calendar year 2020.

Through joining forces to serve customer data needs, Snowflake and AWS are now helping over 6,000 joint customers, including Fortune 500 organizations like Goldman Sachs.

“Our data strategy is directly tied to our open source Legend platform and the Goldman Sachs Financial Cloud for Data,” said Neema Raphael, Chief Data Officer and Head of Data Engineering at Goldman Sachs.

“By leveraging the offerings of AWS for our cloud infrastructure and Snowflake for our integrated data platform and built-in governance, we have built a reliable and secure technology stack that supports Legend which, in turn, helps our clients, business partners, and engineers generate transformational business insights, quickly and easily,” Raphael concluded.

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