Akamai introduces new premium offering and updated managed security service program

Akamai introduced an updated managed security service program and premium service offerings. The new capabilities are intended to help customers protect their businesses 24×7 from the most sophisticated attacks with proactive monitoring and rapid response in the event of a cyberattack.

Customers can take advantage of access to more Akamai security experts, reduced pricing, and more direct assistance. In addition, a premium version of the service is available for customers seeking personalized support and prioritized escalation paths.

An ever-widening attack surface is challenging organizations with credential stuffing and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that can disrupt and take down business services. Financial services is one of the most-targeted sectors according to a recent Akamai report. The industry has seen a 257% increase in web applications and API attacks, an 81% increase in bot activity that could lead to credential stuffing, and a 22% increase in DDoS targets year-over-year.

“Businesses everywhere are struggling to defend against sophisticated cyber adversaries who are determined to create chaos and hinder business continuity. Our customers have asked for higher levels of service, which is what we’re delivering with Akamai’s managed security service and premium offerings,” said Roger Barranco, VP of Support Services at Akamai. “We’re partnering with our customers in a way that augments the availability of highly skilled proactive cybersecurity professionals.”

Akamai Managed Security Services updates

Akamai Managed Security Services help customers realize new benefits including:

  • Access to Akamai experts: Technical advisory hours included
  • Same price, more value: Akamai’s Managed Security Service price unchanged, additional features reduced
  • More assistance: Off-hours configuration aid, Akamai University seats, and customer reviews included

SOCC premium service features

Akamai’s premium service is designed to provide a customer-specific support experience and prioritized path to escalation. Premium service features include:

  • Named resources: 24/7 access to SOCC experts with customer-specific information
  • Increased communication: Proactive communication from SOCC subject matter experts
  • Reviews: Regular reviews with Akamai SOCC experts to collaborate and exchange information
  • Monitoring: Enhanced site monitoring and a customer-specific Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) view in the SOCC dashboard
  • Faster escalations: Immediate access to Akamai subject matter experts and a quicker escalation path to SOCC management

Akamai’s SOCC Premium Service will be available for customers starting on April 6, 2023.

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