Stamus Networks U39 uncovers hidden anomalies in a proactive threat hunt

Stamus Networks released its latest software release, Update 39 (U39). The new release represents a significant enhancement to the company’s flagship Stamus Security Platform (SSP), arming enterprise cybersecurity defenders with improved visibility while reducing the time it takes to respond to threats.

Stamus Networks U39

Trusted by security teams in the world’s largest organizations, including government computer emergency response teams (CERTs), central banks, insurance providers, managed security service providers (MSSPs), multinational government institutions, broadcasters, travel and hospitality companies, and even a cybersecurity SaaS vendor, Stamus Security Platform helps defenders expose serious threats and unauthorized activity hidden in their networks.

U39 enhancements include:

Enhanced evidence collection – new conditional packet capture (PCAP), protocol transaction, and flow logging give users additional evidence without excessive storage. Also, SSP now logs additional DCERPC, HTTP header, and TLS cipher suite metadata with each detection event (alert), giving users access to more complete metadata evidence during incident investigation and helping uncover hidden anomalies in a proactive threat hunt.

Expanded threat detection and hunting – with U39, SSP users now have access to 21 new guided threat hunting filters and additional sources of threat intelligence, including 2 lateral movement rulesets and 3 suspicious domain lists. SSP can now detect activity from a match on the media type (also known as mime-type) and can ingest additional third-party threat intelligence feeds to trigger a detection event based on a match on IP addresses and domain lists.

Streamlined user experience – the newly integrated threat hunting console offers an enhanced user experience by enabling seamless navigation from notifications to investigations, without compromising crucial contextual data. Users can now quickly and easily pivot between tasks, allowing for a more efficient process. Expanded Host Insights allows users to more rapidly identify all activity associated with a given host.

“Serious enterprise security practitioners need all the details, they want control, and they seek the truth about their network activity – wherever it leads them,” said Ken Gramley, CEO at Stamus Networks. “It’s precisely these experts who have come to know and love SSP. We’re thrilled to be able to bring this additional expert-level functionality to these cyber heroes.”

The power of the Stamus Security Platform derives from its consolidating three network security products into a single solution. By incorporating the features of intrusion detection (IDS), network security monitoring (NSM), and network detection and response (NDR) into Stamus Security Platform, security teams can reduce tool sprawl and meet their governance, risk, compliance, and operational security challenges with a single consolidated solution.

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