AutoRABIT expands Salesforce security posture management services

AutoRABIT has enhanced their data and metadata security offerings by refining existing products, adding new features, and emphasizing the importance of a full-featured approach to Salesforce DevSecOps.

Security continues to be an increasingly difficult consideration. The advent of tools being driven by Large Language Models (LLMs) brought together by AI, compliance, and security will be a delicate balance for regulated industries. AutoRABIT’s new services give companies the tools they need to avoid costly breaches.

“Our expansion of security features helps companies in regulated industries meet difficult compliance requirements,” said Prashanth Samudrala, VP of Product Management at AutoRABIT. “Clean, safe code is the mantra of a successful enterprise.”

CodeScan by AutoRABIT’s Salesforce security posture management services include an ability to perform automated scans of your Salesforce environment to ensure proper settings for profiles and permissions alongside static code analysis capabilities. Regulated industries can’t afford the costly damage a simple mistake can have on their data. CodeScan offers total visibility and heightened control over your Salesforce environment.

Protecting the infrastructure around your data is only one aspect of this critical process. AutoRABIT Vault now offers the ability to produce automated reports on the cleanliness of your Salesforce data in conjunction with data backup and recovery capabilities.

Flagging and finding unused data enables users to store it in an off-site repository, drastically reducing storage costs. This crucial maintenance improves the health, ROI, and stability of your Salesforce environment.

Automated release management (ARM) is still the bedrock of maintaining a functional CI/CD pipeline. AutoRABIT ARM integrates seamlessly with Vault and CodeScan to offer an off-platform hub to run your Salesforce DevSecOps processes. Streamlining development steps, testing, integration, and deployment increases your release velocity, reliability, and overall data security.

AutoRABIT offers a complete DevSecOps platform that enables Salesforce developers and administrators to remain secure while producing error-free updates and applications at speed. AutoRABIT’s Automated Release Management, CodeScan, Vault Data Backup & Recovery, and Record Migrator solutions yield an expedited release cycle while ensuring superior quality and security.

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