Mobb raises $5.4 million and launches community tool

Mobb has raised $5.4M in seed funding led by Angel Investor Ariel Maislos and joined by MizMaa Ventures, Cyber Club London and additional investors from US, EU, and Israel.

The company has also launched a free community version that allows developers to try its automated vulnerability remediation technology.

“The application security market has been desperate for innovation that doesn’t just detect problems, but fixes them. I invested in Mobb so its talented founding team could build technology that lifts the burden of vulnerability remediation and help organizations achieve secure innovation,” said Ariel Maislos.

According to industry data, 60% of data breaches are caused by the failure to apply vulnerability patches, and almost 70% of applications contain at least one vulnerability after five years in production.

This is because the vulnerability remediation process is broken. Most organizations rely on Static Application Security Testing (SAST) tools to uncover vulnerabilities, and one scan can result in thousands of reported findings.

This can be overwhelming considering that fixing a single vulnerability takes anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours, costing organizations hundreds or thousands of dollars. It is no surprise that over two-thirds of SAST reported findings remain open three months after detection, and 50% remain open after 363 days.

Mobb automates vulnerability remediations to reduce security backlogs and free developers to focus on innovation. Users simply upload SAST results and follow a few prompts to verify and commit the fixes.

“I spent nearly two decades with the Denim Group helping clients build more secure applications. Over time, I saw clients make huge improvements in finding and cataloging vulnerabilities, but continue to struggle with fixing vulnerable code. I invested in Mobb so companies can finally adopt a scalable approach for securing their software applications,” said John B. Dickson.

Working with the Cyber Club London community, Mobb has several design partners helping to test and inform product development to ensure the technology meets enterprise needs.

“Mobb is taking vulnerability remediation to a completely new level by automating fixes. This is extremely powerful and unlocks remediation efficiency previously unseen. You are not only decreasing your time to fix significantly but also providing on-demand secure coding training through the fixes,” said Robert Kugler, head of security and compliance at Cresta.

Mobb is founded by appsec veterans Eitan Worcel (CEO) and Jonathan Afek (CTO).

“After decades of working in application security to help organizations detect security issues, Jonathan and I founded Mobb with the goal of helping organizations make those findings actionable,” said Mobb CEO Eitan Worcel. “We are looking forward to bringing our technology to the world, and dedicated to our mission of helping organizations become more efficient and more secure.”

Ante Gulam, CISO, SVP Information Security at SumUp, said: “I try to help startups when I can, and a friend suggested I get on a call with Eitan. Eitan asked me for the most pressing problem in my job and I immediately started complaining about how there are so many security tools that produce more and more alerts, and it just makes my job so much harder. I then realized I had no idea what Mobb did yet and it could be another one of those tools. I was pleasantly surprised, and relieved, when Eitan explained how Mobb would help me fix problems instead of just alert me to them.”

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