LastPass University improves password management habits

LastPass has unveiled LastPass University, a training platform featuring live and on-demand coursework to help business administrators, their end users and partners deepen their LastPass product knowledge and password management skills.

LastPass University training modules range from basic to comprehensive, providing customers with an easy-to-use, single destination to learn how to get the most from their LastPass accounts and improve password security behavior. Each month, LastPass University will conduct live training sessions on new topics.

The upshot: business customers will now have everything at their fingertips to become the ultimate LastPass experts – from improving password management habits to ensuring successful LastPass rollouts with high adoption rates.

As they learn how to deploy and enjoy all that LastPass has to offer, they’ll be able to tap LastPass University’s continuous learning offerings to update their skills and make the most of their LastPass account.

LastPass University also equips administrators with guidance on best practices for preparing their teams for a roll out and how to successfully deploy LastPass to better protect their organizations.

And instead of being dependent on IT staff, end users will now have a resource they can independently lean on to find out more information on how to use LastPass, thus reducing cost of implementation and ongoing management.

“LastPass University embodies our commitment to help customers get the most out of our products and be more protected,” said Abby Miller, SVP of Customer Experience, LastPass.

“Instead of searching online or submitting a support ticket, they can now get all the best information and training in one place, whether they need quick tips or a deep dive,” Miller added.

For LastPass partners, including solution providers, managed service providers and more, LastPass University includes specialized training and certification, whereby partners can achieve one of four tiered statuses – from Associate to Platinum. The partner training is a foundational part of LastPass’ new Allegiance Partner Program, to be rolled out in detail next month.

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