Circle Security and ForgeRock join forces to enhance clients’ digital security posture

Circle Security has unveiled a joint integration with the ForgeRock Identity Platform. The pre-built on-premises integrated node will help businesses stay ahead of evolving threats and achieve their security goals by integrating identity authentication and privacy protection capabilities into customer applications as a single unified API.

The Circle Security integrated node provides a credential-free authentication API that enables developers and enterprise IT to enhance the security of identities for Circle and ForgeRock customers by minimizing their dependence on usernames and passwords, binding devices to identities, and securing data flows throughout identity journeys.

Specifically, the combination of Circle and ForgeRock strengthens customer’s security posture on two critical fronts:

  • Secure and frictionless data access across applications, browsers, and devices without the need for usernames/passwords with cryptographic credential free authentication.
  • Continuous risk-based delegated MFA as a step-up re-authentication or identity verification in existing user workflows for high-risk use cases, contexts, and user profiles.

“Circle Security and ForgeRock share a commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. By joining forces, we are bringing the best of both worlds to our clients and enhancing their digital security posture. Our foundational technology built on a patented decentralized architecture helps developers and enterprises elevate their security posture to Prevention-first from Detect & Respond,” said Phani Nagarjuna, CEO of Circle Security.

“With the availability of the integrated node available on the ForgeRock Marketplace, self-managed customers can enjoy the benefits of no credential phishing or other credential-driven vulnerabilities and reduced data exposure,” Nagarjuna continued.

“Our Trust Network technology partnership with Circle Security will provide our joint customers with faster time-to-value and reduced cybersecurity risk and costs,” said Alecia Bridgwater, Director of Technology Partners at ForgeRock.

“Together, we will bring cutting-edge security technology to businesses of all types and sizes around the world,” added Mr. Nagarjuna of Circle Security.

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