OneTrust announces new features to help organizations automate data discovery and classification

OneTrust announces new data source connectors for OneTrust Data Discovery, bringing the total number of out-of-the-box connectors to over 200. This allows organizations to scan, classify, inventory, and remediate data from virtually any data source.

“Data is created at unprecedented rates, and that data often extends across dozens of data stores in the enterprise,” said Blake Brannon, Chief Product & Strategy Officer at OneTrust. “Your data security posture only goes as far as your solutions can reach, and companies need to ensure their discovery efforts don’t leave any data behind, especially sensitive and personal data. OneTrust continues to deliver the connectors organizations need to discover, classify, and catalog data in virtually any system to gain visibility and minimize data risk.”

Data Discovery connects to hundreds of different data sources to scan, classify, and catalog data. Whether data resides on-premises or in the cloud, is structured or unstructured, is in data lakes, data warehouses, or SaaS applications, OneTrust covers virtually any data store across the entire data ecosystem, including:

OneTrust also enables organizations to build their own connectors to address bespoke, legacy, and homegrown data stores through drag-and-drop JDBC drivers and a low-code SDK.

OneTrust Data Discovery provides the foundation of visibility and control for any data, privacy, or security team. With AI-powered data classification, built-in regulatory intelligence, and automated policy enforcement, Data Discovery delivers the capabilities enterprises need to automate data security and governance. Coupled with category-defining consent, preference, and privacy management, OneTrust Data Discovery enables modern businesses to ensure responsible use of data throughout the entire data lifecycle.

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