lockr Connections Hub blocks machine-generated emails

lockr launched Connections Hub to verify the authenticity of first-party datasets.

Connections Hub expands lockr’s partnerships with publisher-focused data platforms such as CDPs and Clean Rooms, allowing publishers to easily assess and manage the impact of machine-generated emails on their audience data.

Privacy regulations are causing publishers to shift to email as the new identifier of choice for targeted advertising. Consumers are reacting by relying on machine-generated email services—which allow users to create a new anonymous email address for every online interaction—to minimize interruptions in their inbox.

The increasing adoption of these temporary emails is creating a complex web of identity that is negatively impacting publishers’ top-line revenues.

lockr’s Connections Hub allows publishers to easily assess and manage the impact of machine-generated emails.

Connections Hub is directly integrated with platforms such as Snowflake, InfoSum and Amazon Simple Storage Services (Amazon S3) object storage, and is enhanced through a strategic partnership with MadConnect.

These integrations make it even easier for publishers to identify machine-generated emails within their user data. Connections Hub empowers publishers to understand the scale of fake email addresses within their data and prevents registration with these emails in real time.

This combination of tools will improve the accuracy of data in the publishing space and increase the effectiveness of targeted advertising, bringing greater value to both advertisers and publishers alike.

lockr’s analysis suggests that up to 23 percent of email lists are composed of these unmatchable, machine-generated emails. Identity lockr enables publishers to validate their audiences and proactively block machine-generated emails – increasing match rates for the purposes of targeted advertising, subscription marketing, and audience development while incorporating consumer choice and consent.

“We are excited to launch Connections Hub to make Identity lockr more accessible to publishers,” said Keith Petri, CEO of lockr. “Machine-generated emails are a growing problem for the industry and they can cause a significant impact on match rates as publishers shift to an email-centric first-party data strategy. Identity lockr gives publishers a powerful tool to assess their exposure to machine-generated emails, and Connections Hub will ensure that publishers can conduct this analysis on an ongoing basis with minimal integration resources – all while maintaining the highest data security standards.”

“We are thrilled to partner with lockr to help publishers unlock the most value from their first-party data in a post-cookie world,” says Valerie Mercurio, VP of Business Development at InfoSum. “As privacy-first technologies, our integration creates immediate synergies to assist publishers in refining their first-party data strategies.”

“AWS provides the secure and reliable infrastructure that lockr needs to help marketers and publishers understand their audiences better,” said Tim Barnes, GM of Advertising and Marketing Solutions at AWS. “With the Amazon S3 integration into lockr’s Connections Hub, Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers can simplify the first-party data verification process and improve data accuracy.”

Penske Media, an early proponent of Identity lockr, is already utilizing the flexibility lockr’s Connection Hub offers. Brett Goverman, Associate VP of Data Strategy for Penske Media Corporation opined, “lockr’s Connections Hub made it incredibly easy to share our data for analysis and is an effective solution to respond to market trends and advertiser needs.”

lockr is also collaborating with MadTech’s MadConnect product to make the tool even more widely compatible in the coming months. MadConnect, which launched in March of this year, is a connector hub for data interoperability that solves some of the industry’s biggest issues around the transfer of data between platforms.

By leveraging MadConnect, hundreds of publishers will have plug-and-play access to Identity lockr via dozens of publisher data platforms, with the ability to unlock a connection almost instantly upon request.

“MadConnect is excited to support the launch of lockr’s Connections Hub by powering the integrations needed for the privacy safe transfer and normalization of data,” said Bob Walczak, CEO of MadTech. “Rather than lockr and its partners spending engineering cycles building and maintaining these integrations, MadConnect provides instant access to the pipes that power connections between these data platforms.”

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