Liongard launches Configuration Change Detection and Response platform

Liongard announced its newly enhanced platform to transform the way IT service providers deliver IT governance and mitigate risk with the launch of its Configuration Change Detection and Response (CCDR) platform.

More than 2,000 cyberattacks strike the internet each day. As businesses search for more efficient ways to protect themselves, they face an uphill battle since, according to the World Economic Forum, 95% of all cybersecurity issues can be traced to human error.

This can significantly impact the average cost of a data breach, which is expected to reach $5 million per incident in 2023. Liongard simplifies IT to help teams manage smarter, and its CCDR platform enables IT service providers to better manage, monitor, and protect customer environments.

“Configuration change detection and response is the linchpin of effective IT security and operational stability, serving as the early warning system that alerts organizations to potential misconfigurations, unauthorized changes, and impending risks,” said Liongard CEO Michelle Accardi.

“At Liongard, we understand the criticality of this process and have developed a robust platform that empowers businesses to proactively monitor, track, and swiftly respond to configuration changes. By prioritizing this crucial aspect, organizations can safeguard their IT environments, minimize downtime, and ensure a resilient infrastructure that fuels their growth and success,” added Accardi.

Liongard’s CCDR platform automates configuration data capture across cloud, network, and on-premise systems, enabling continuous monitoring and reporting of IT assets, eliminating manual audits and preventing unforeseen events. Liongard’s actionable alerts and insights enable organizations to make informed decisions to stay secure and profitable.

“The very definition of security is change management, as it is the only way to adhere to safeguards and frameworks. MSPs need to manage and stay on top of change – this is the state of insurability,” said Matt Lee, Senior Director of Security and Compliance, Pax8. “Liongard’s Configuration Change Detection and Response platform lets MSPs document the evidence they need to maintain compliance and demonstrate defensibility for when incidents and audits happen.”

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