eBook: 9 Ways to Secure Your Cloud App Dev Pipeline

Improve your cloud security with these 9 proven strategies. Uptycs, alongside renowned expert Lee Atchison, share their list of comprehensive tactics to mitigate risks facing modern development teams. To address these emerging risks, Uptycs has created an eBook, Laptop to Cloud: 9 Ways to Secure Your Cloud App Dev Pipeline to help proactively combat this emerging threat tactic.

eBook Secure Cloud App Dev

In this guide Uptycs and Lee Atchison, renowned cybersecurity thought leader, team up to suggest 9 proven security measures designed to enhance the security posture of all applications involved in your deployment process.

Get this eBook to learn how to:

  • Understand the rising popularity of attacks on the development environment
  • Identify top risks in application development, developer laptops, code repositories, build/test/deploy pipelines, and control places
  • Implement 9 critical strategies to enhance your cloud app dev pipeline security

This eBook is no longer available.

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