Talon unveils digital experience capabilities, equipping IT teams with advanced metrics

Talon Cyber Security has released new digital experience capabilities available in the Talon Enterprise Browser. The capabilities arm IT teams with advanced metrics on device, application, and network performance to ensure that issues can be proactively resolved, and employees have consistent user experiences that power productivity.

“In today’s work-from-anywhere world, it is mission critical that security tools do not negatively impact the user experiences that workforces expect,” said Ohad Bobrov, CTO, Talon Cyber Security.

“By baking digital experience capabilities into our Enterprise Browser, we provide customers with the actionable insights necessary to ensure that browsing experiences are consistent, and that any potential problems can be remediated before they become roadblocks that disrupt the business,” Bobrov continued.

With the new digital experience capabilities, the Talon Enterprise Browser collects and visualizes data on granular end-user experience metrics, such as page load times, CPU and RAM usage, idle times, and more. The Talon Enterprise Browser combines visibility from endpoint activities, network performance, SaaS application utilization, and security enforcement outcomes to deliver actionable insights.

Specific features and benefits provided to customers include:

  • Broader visibility into devices, applications, and networks: IT teams benefit from unprecedented visibility into device, application, and network data. The Talon Enterprise Browser empowers organizations to measure device performance and resources, application performance and utilization, and correlate network issues with the browsing experience.
  • More proactive remediation for IT issues: With the visibility provided, IT teams can more quickly identify and resolve issues, reducing downtime and potential support costs. Plus, the resource usage data enables more optimal hardware utilization, preventing unnecessary upgrades and replacements.
  • Greater agility and productivity: The collected data allows IT and end-user computing teams to create more efficient workflows and smoother user experiences for employees.
    The Talon Enterprise Browser Security Portfolio

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