GroupSense Tracelight Fuse empowers MSPs and MSSPs to automate remediation actions

GroupSense announced that it has made its security intelligence available to managed service providers (MSPs) and managed security service providers (MSSPs) through a new Tracelight Fuse security threat intelligence offering.

GroupSense provides finished security intelligence about specific organizations that service providers can use to solve customer problems quickly. The new Tracelight Fuse offering also gives MSPs and MSSPs a way to serve the midmarket with advanced security services and differentiate themselves in a highly commoditized business.

Because “dwell time” – the time between when a threat actor initially penetrates a network to the time they are discovered by the victim – is measured in weeks, often the first sign of a breach is when the data or network access is made available for sale by threat actors.

To find what threat actors are doing, GroupSense monitors the dark, deep and open webs, and can identify security breaches and other issues long before organizations themselves detect that they have been compromised. The company delivers this finished intelligence through Tracelight Fuse to MSPs and MSSPs.

With Tracelight Fuse, MSSPs can automate remediation actions. For example, when Tracelight Fuse finds client data in a breach, MSSPs can automatically force password resets for the client organization. This enables a higher level of threat protection than data feeds, which are commonly used by organizations for security information.

“Utilizing Tracelight Fuse, we can identify threats ahead of time, giving us and our customers the upper hand against attackers,” said Jason Allen, CTO of Digital Hands, an MSSP based in Florida. “This lets us speed up our responses, run automated remediation actions, and enhance security for every customer we protect.”

GroupSense has been providing security intelligence to the largest enterprises, but by offering Tracelight Fuse to MSPs and MSSPs, the company can now make these high-end security capabilities available to the midmarket.

“The typical cybersecurity operation is overloaded with threat data feeds. These feeds are broad in scope and might not be relevant to the type of operation being protected by the subscriber,” said GroupSense CEO Kurtis Minder. “GroupSense solves this problem by giving MSPs and MSSPs high-fidelity, finished intelligence, so it is always relevant to each customer’s operation and prioritized so service providers solve the most pressing issues first.”

Tracelight Fuse is available now to MSPs and MSSPs and is offered on a per-customer pricing model, to eliminate financial risk. The service is delivered as a simple application programming interface (API) to Tracelight Fuse and takes minutes to deploy.

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