Yubico FIDO Pre-reg provides passwordless onboarding and account recovery

Yubico announced the initial availability of FIDO Pre-reg, a capability that delivers secure and seamless passwordless onboarding and account recovery/reset from day one at scale for enterprises.

Available exclusively as part of YubiEnterprise Subscription, FIDO Pre-reg simplifies the way organizations can adopt modern, phishing-resistant MFA with a frictionless and easy user experience.

“Organizations have historically been challenged to accelerate user adoption of phishing-resistant MFA and FIDO passkey solutions like YubiKeys at speed and scale,” said Jeff Wallace, SVP, product at Yubico. “Typically, administrators manually register YubiKeys on behalf of each employee before delivering to them in-office or shipping the key to the employee’s location. FIDO Pre-reg eliminates these challenges and provides a quick and easy way to adopt phishing-resistance throughout a company on day one with turnkey YubiKey activation – all while reducing IT costs.”

With FIDO Pre-reg, users can enjoy secure, passwordless access to their online accounts in minutes with a phishing-resistant FIDO2/passkey credential by simply navigating to a web application or IdP login provided by their IT department and entering in a PIN supplied by IT. As part of a Limited Early Access period, Okta customers in the US will be able to order pre-registered YubiKeys – empowering IT departments to raise the security bar for their environments while delivering users a fast and efficient way to protect their online accounts.

To participate, Okta customers will need to purchase keys via Yubico’s YubiEnterprise Subscription program and must have Okta Identity Engine (OIE), Okta Adaptive MFA (AMFA) and Okta Workflows.

“Phishing-resistant authentication needs to be the new security standard, which is why we need to make it easy to use for both IT and end-users,” said David Bradbury, chief security officer, Okta. “Okta and Yubico can now not only give customers the security and assurance needed to protect their enterprise resources, but also the flexibility and ease to adopt the FIDO Pre-reg solution quickly.”

Key new features and benefits of FIDO Pre-reg include:

  • Accelerated ability to adopt phishing-resistant MFA with a new out-of-the-box FIDO authentication experience for enterprise users starting day one, enabling them to seamlessly get started on the most secure form of passkey authentication, all while reducing the burden on IT departments and their users.
  • Eliminates manual user registration as users can now receive YubiKeys that are pre-registered with the organization’s Identity Provider (IdP).
  • Secure, passwordless access to online accounts in minutes. Simply use the YubiKey and enter in the PIN to successfully authenticate with a phishing-resistant FIDO2/passkey credential, all without ever needing a password.
  • Exclusively available through the YubiEnterprise Subscription program, which delivers greater business flexibility and agility with a YubiKeys as a Service model – lowering cost to entry.
  • YubiKey 5 NFC and YubiKey 5C NFC will be the first keys to support FIDO Pre-reg available via YubiEnterprise Subscription as part of a Limited Early Access, and all YubiKeys will be available at General Availability in mid-2024.
  • Account recovery with “always on” phishing resistance. Users can quickly establish new phones/computers as trusted devices when accessing their online accounts with a portable authenticator that works across devices and platforms.
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