Verato and CLEAR join forces to accelerate the adoption of digital identity in healthcare

Verato announced a partnership with CLEAR to accelerate the adoption of digital identity in healthcare.

By joining forces, Verato’s proven, purpose-built-for-healthcare hMDM approach to enterprise identity data management and CLEAR’s consumer-facing identity verification technology will provide healthcare organizations and consumers with a trusted identity at every touchpoint across the patient journey.

Verato and CLEAR believe that digital identity has the potential to transform healthcare data management, enabling healthcare organizations to overcome longstanding system interoperability challenges, vastly improve patient experiences, and reduce healthcare operating costs. Working together, Verato and CLEAR seek to deliver a new standard in trusted identity that can power the next generation of clinical, analytical and engagement workflows.

“CLEAR’s approach to digital identity proofing and consumer verification is a natural complement to Verato’s robust enterprise identity data management capabilities,“ said Clay Ritchey, CEO of Verato.

“Our collaboration will empower organizations to implement modern digital front door strategies by providing consumers and patients with the tools to securely manage access to their digital health information — ultimately improving care delivery, patient outcomes and the patient experience,” added Ritchey.

Caryn Seidman Becker, CEO of CLEAR adds, “Despite more than two decades of digital innovation, the healthcare system remains buried in antiquated manual processes and fragmented databases. We’re excited to partner with Verato to bring CLEAR’s universal health identity to more patients and providers.”

“As one of the largest public HIEs in the region, aggregating patient information across over 8,000 sources for over 20 million patients, the ability to correctly identify and manage digital identities across such a complex ecosystem is a formidable challenge,” notes Todd Rogow, CEO of Healthix. “The vision of Verato and CLEAR to partner to achieve trusted and comprehensive identity data management will support the industry by providing decidedly accurate and reliable information.”

The partnership comes at a time when patient misidentification continues to be a widespread problem across the US. A recent report from the Government Accountability Office noted that 45% of large hospitals reported difficulty accurately identifying patients through electronic health information — a scenario that threatens patient safety and disrupts efforts to coordinate care.

In addition, trusted identity is essential to the success of many healthcare organizations’ most pressing strategic initiatives, whether it be health information exchanges (HIEs) serving broader public health goals or health systems implementing cloud data warehousing and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to better manage at risk populations and positively change patient behavior and outcomes while strengthening revenue.

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