Wallarm and MuleSoft empower users to tackle API threats

Wallarm today announced general availability of the seamless Application and API Security policy integration with MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform.

In today’s digital landscape, business and technical leaders must ensure that their Apps and APIs remain shielded, regardless of the deployment avenue an organization selects. For organizations committed to safeguarding and managing their APIs comprehensively, this combination of Wallarm and MuleSoft offers a compelling and obvious choice.

The critical role of API security

Modern enterprises increasingly rely on APIs to connect applications and enable their digital transformation. This new solution from Wallarm provides robust cloud security capabilities that integrate with the MuleSoft API management and integration platform to enhance security and compliance.

API management is critical for organizations, and there are several commercial solutions available offering a range of options. Whether using established platforms like MuleSoft, Apigee, or Kong, or leveraging external tools like Azion Edge and Akamai Edge, the choice of how to deploy and manage business-critical APIs depends on factors like scalability, performance, and existing infrastructure. Regardless of the path chosen, the need for robust API security that seamlessly adapts to these diverse deployment methods is paramount.

For organizations seeking comprehensive API security, Wallarm provides tailored MuleSoft integration compatible with a variety of deployment methods. This enables external deployment of the Wallarm node and the application of security policies and custom code.

It also enables thorough analysis and ensures protection against potential threats. Customers can opt for monitor-only mode or enable full detect & respond capability, allowing for real-time threat blocking and safeguarding legitimate API usage.

“Wallarm is excited to introduce an advanced cloud-based security policy that’s agile and fully integrated with MuleSoft, a leading integration and API management platform in the market,” said Ivan Novikov, CEO of Wallarm. “Our solution offers real-time threat analysis and mitigation, complementing and significantly enhancing MuleSoft’s platform by embedding granular security policies directly into the API flow. Now enterprises can confidently protect their essential API frameworks with a unified, scalable strategy that upholds both performance and compliance standards.”

Seamless Wallarm policy integration with MuleSoft

The synergy between Wallarm and MuleSoft creates a robust “Better Together” scenario for customers, delivering potent and proven API protection to organizations. The MuleSoft Anypoint Platform simplifies the deployment and management of APIs, and Wallarm’s cloud-based API security platform delivers comprehensive protection against an array of threats, including OWASP Top-10 vulnerabilities, zero-day exploits, and API Abuse like DDoS and Credential Stuffing attacks.

This combination unlocks a host of security benefits for organizations which reduce the need for continuous and costly manual intervention, including:

  • Advanced API protection
  • Automated API discovery and inventory
  • Enhanced threat analytics
  • Automated API security

Wallarm provides a unified platform for managing and securing API integrations, reducing costs, complexity, and operational inefficiencies. This comprehensive approach not only safeguards against data breaches and potential financial losses but also enhances compliance, improves governance, and fosters greater end-user confidence.

Wallarm’s integration with the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform is tailor-made to address the application and API issues to the day and expansion into the future, providing MuleSoft users with comprehensive security protection and peace of mind.

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