Seemplicity integrates with Wiz to accelerate remediation

Seemplicity announced its technical integration with cloud security provider Wiz.

As a certified Wiz Integration (WIN) platform partner, Seemplicity enables joint customers to seamlessly integrate its Security Remediation Operations platform into their existing Wiz workflows to accelerate remediation.

“Today security teams manage an overwhelming number of findings from an ever-growing security testing tech stack, making efficient risk and vulnerability remediation a near-impossible task,” said Yoran Sirkis, CEO of Seemplicity.

“Ad-hoc processes, unidentified remediation teams, and the inability to track and report on progress exacerbate these challenges. The result is many cloud misconfigurations and other risks go unmanaged and unresolved. Our partnership with Wiz tackles this problem head-on by enabling customers to accelerate security remediation operations across tcloud, code and infrastructure,” added Sirkis.

Benefits of the Wiz and Seemplicity integration include:

  • Accelerated risk remediation, efficiency, and effectiveness;
  • Enhanced visibility into overall risk posture and improvement;
  • Increased developer engagement and productivity when remediating issues;
  • Reduction in incident response costs as measured by benchmarking against historical averages;
  • Improved process compliance and lower cost of auditing.

“Securing cloud-based operations today requires a collaborative approach that brings together an ecosystem of best-in-breed technologies and teams—this is what WIN is all about,” Oron Noah Director of Product Management Wiz. “Seemplicity fills an urgent need in the enterprise to accelerate risk reduction. Their proven technology achieves this by automating the collection, consolidation, choosing and routing of security findings across an organization’s security testing domains.”

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