ExtremeCloud Universal ZTNA strengthens network security

Extreme Networks introduced ExtremeCloud Universal Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

Offered as a subscription service for ExtremeCloud customers, Universal ZTNA is a network security offering to integrate network, application, and device access security within a single solution.

With unified observability, visualization and reporting, Extreme has removed complexity for IT teams when it comes to managing and securing user access across the campus, branch, remote sites and anywhere across the Infinite Enterprise.

Organizations are more distributed than ever before, which poses challenges for IT departments defending against an advanced cyber threat landscape. With Universal ZTNA from Extreme, organizations have an easy-to-manage access layer that spans anywhere that users connect to the network.

This enables secure, cost-efficient operations and better support for IoT devices such as medical, patient or guest devices across a hospital campus; remote employees accessing work applications for daily tasks; or educators teaching online classes.

Universal ZTNA is another execution point against Extreme’s One Network, One Cloud strategy which dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of enterprise networking.

Key benefits of ExtremeCloud Universal ZTNA (available in early 2024):

Bolster security organization-wide: Organizations can easily establish and maintain a consistent security policy across their network with a single solution to manage and enforce an identity-level zero trust policy for all users. IT teams can simply create policies to establish least-privileged access for users, extend secure access for multiple guest cohorts and set up and revoke access for trusted IoT devices. Remote traffic travels securely to the cloud, improving performance for remote users and reducing reliance on point solutions like VPNs.

Lower costs and increase operational efficiency: Universal ZTNA is offered as a subscription within ExtremeCloud. Where competitive solutions require multiple licenses and offer no scale, Universal ZTNA helps reduce costs and increase operational efficiency via a single solution that is priced by the number of users across the network and can easily scale with the needs of the business.

Universal ZTNA also eliminates the need for additional user identity platforms by offering Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS)-as-a-Service. Additionally, Universal ZTNA integrates with identity providers, including Google Workspace, Azure AD and MDM solutions like MS Intune, and enables IT teams to automatically configure and secure devices, providing IT with granular device health and authentication.

Eliminate friction of managing point solutions: Universal ZTNA enables IT teams to manage user network and application access no matter where the user is located, as well as guest and IoT device access, all within the same easy-to-use solution. Further, Universal ZTNA is cloud-based and takes less than a day to deploy, creating immediate value. With automated onboarding and configuration for all Extreme Universal Platforms, teams can quickly add and set up network devices and user access, which instantly strengthens security and moves organizations to a Zero Trust policy for all devices across the network.

“In the era of the hyper-distributed enterprise, users and devices connect to the enterprise network from everywhere and rely on enterprise applications that can be hosted anywhere. As vulnerabilities continue to rise and IoT device growth continues to increase, managing security, performance and scale can be complex. Extreme’s Universal ZTNA aims to provide a simplified, cloud-managed solution for controlling universal network access using zero-trust principles to help customers meet the network security needs of their distributed digital enterprise,” said Brandon Butler, Research Manager – Enterprise Networks, IDC.

“Universal ZTNA is the culmination of several initiatives at Extreme – we are securing the Infinite Enterprise through a single, unified, cloud-based solution that instantly integrates with all of our Universal Platforms. It’s intuitively simple, incredibly cost-effective and gives our customers a foundation for anywhere security, so that any user can securely access any application from any device, in any location. In today’s evolving landscape of increasing cyber threats and fewer IT resources and networks spanning multiple environments, having that secure foundation as a starting place for all other technologies is a requirement to ensure uninterrupted operations. This is just one more execution point against our One Network, One Cloud strategy,” said Nabil Bukhari, CTO and CPO, Extreme Networks.


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