TrustArc’s enhancements improve AI risk management for enterprises

TrustArc announced significant enhancements across its portfolio of products within the TrustArc Privacy Management Platform designed to enable organizations to implement accountable AI data privacy governance.

As AI and machine learning continue to drive innovation and reshape numerous businesses, operations, and industries, maintaining comprehensive privacy, security, risk, and compliance controls is imperative.

TrustArc’s platform has been designed and enhanced to help organizations manage these and numerous other risks by helping incorporate comprehensive frameworks, operationalizing recommended practices, and understanding and managing AI risks associated with third parties.

TrustArc’s enhancements allow organizations to understand AI better and align cross-functionally on data governance, privacy, and security.

These enhancements additionally provide guidance on how to operationalize a privacy program for AI and aid in risk management, utilizing well-known frameworks and standards, such as the NIST AI Risk Management Framework, OECD AI Principles, and the Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework (PMAF).

Examples of some of the numerous enhancements from TrustArc include, but are not limited to:

  • Attestation and benchmarking capabilities to measure your organization and privacy program – you can now assess your use of AI against the NIST AI Risk Management Framework, OECD AI Principles, and Nymity PMAF.
  • AI-specific and easy-to-use curated resources, including operational/tactical templates and checklists, created to help organizations implement safe, secure, and trustworthy AI systems and technologies, including an “Ethical AI Principles” checklist, a whitepaper on technical and organizational considerations for Algorithmic Accountability, and more.
  • Additional controls within TrustArc’s risk algorithm and assessment workflow help identify high-risk data processing and trigger approval workflows for AI risk management that align with OECD’s AI Principles and NIST’s AI Risk Management Framework.
  • A newly created AI Risk Assessment template mapped to the AI NIST Framework is now part of TrustArc’s library of 66+ pre-built risk assessments.

“The speed of advancement and adoption in AI and machine-learning-based technologies has made this an incredibly exciting time. TrustArc is thrilled to provide essential resources and solutions to help organizations research, assess, navigate, and manage privacy, security, and confidentiality-based AI risks,” said Val Ilchenko, CPO and General Counsel at TrustArc.

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