Atsign releases SSH No Ports 4.0 with Windows support and SDK

Atsign has unveiled the release of SSH No Ports 4.0. SSH No Ports is a system administration tool used to access remote systems (gateways, industrial PCs, and many other devices) via SSH from anywhere, without the need for network configuration, and without any open ports on either device.

Atsign SSH No Ports

SSH No Ports cryptographically secures previously exposed services which mitigates against TCP attacks by removing the need for web servers/daemons to be listening on external interfaces. It does all this while still allowing full access by authorized people.

This major update expands support to Windows, adding to the existing support for MacOS and Linux. Additionally, the release includes a much-anticipated SDK that allows OEMs, systems integrators, and app developers to incorporate the unique addressability and security features available with SSH No Ports into their solutions.

Early examples of how SSH No Ports is being integrated into other products include,

  • A major manufacturer of home networking appliances is integrating SSH No Ports into their device to provide their customers with access to the configuration interface (a local web service) while they are away from home. Their customers do not need to add any routing rules.
  • A prominent LoRaWAN gateway provider is adding SSH No Ports to their solution to provide customers access to their gateway management interfaces that sit on public cellular networks without needing the provider to set up NAT and without exposing any network attack surfaces on the gateway.

“We are excited to announce the 4.0 release of SSH No Ports,” said Colin Constable, CTO of Atsign. “With Windows support and the SDK, SSH No Ports 4.0 combines unmatched security with the ultimate ease of use and access. This Networking 2.0 solution is ideal for any organization that needs to securely access remote devices.”

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