Daon xSentinel minimizes generative AI voice fraud

Daon announced the addition of xSentinel, an expansion of its AI.X technology.

Daon xSentinel

xSentinel provides adaptive synthetic voice protection to create a layer of defense within any voice communication channel and enhance the identity verification technologies suite on Daon IdentityX and TrustX platforms.

Deepfake technology has advanced to the point of successfully mimicking voice signals that give us vital information about a caller’s characteristics, like tone and articulation, making it nearly impossible for call center employees to detect voice fraud using traditional methods.

A recent Daon survey spoke to these kinds of issues: 62% of IT executives in B2B companies reported some concern about the security threats posed by AI and deepfakes. And rightfully so: this year, several Tier One banks made headlines due to clones bypassing their authentication and security systems.

xSentinel generates a signal to potential fraud that is more accurate than traditional audible cues, effectively stripping away the advantage that cloned voice generators provide for bad actors. Seconds after a caller begins speaking, the proprietary algorithms detect various cues that could indicate a digitally generated voice. xSentinel provides the data necessary for organizations to build reliable synthetic voice protection steps into their contact center processes.

The AI-powered synthetic voice detection built into xSentinel keeps pace with the changing fraud landscape by using machine learning to continually adjust and improve its ability to detect synthetic speech cues.

“Deepfakes pose a serious threat to the front line of defense against fraudsters — mostly for contact centers. Implementing xSentinel gives businesses the tools to protect themselves and their customers from fraudsters now and in the future,” said Tom Grissen, CEO at Daon.

“This innovative technology is part of Daon’s efforts to manage the balance between security and user experience. It detects attacks arising from the misuse of generative artificial intelligence, as part of the AI.X suite of tools for deepfake defense, enabling trust at any time, for any type of transaction, from anywhere,” added

xSentinel is a high-performance, real-time, affordable solution that serves as an early line of defense to help identify potential fraud with these key features:

  • Real-time signaling system for early, in-call detection.
  • Universally applicable — language/dialect agnostic.
  • Seamless implementation — no customer enrollment requirement.
  • Easy integration into any contact center or other voice communication platform.
  • Runs on, but does not require, Daon platforms.
  • Designed with privacy and compliance in mind — no biometrics or other PII required.
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