Living Security Unify Power Insights identifies vulnerable members within an organization

Living Security announced Unify Power Insights, which combines intelligence across multiple identity management and security tools to pinpoint visibility into which members of the workforce are most vulnerable to phishing, account compromise, malware, data loss, and more.

Living Security Unify Power Insights

Living Security Unify Power Insights supercharges the Unify Human Risk Operations Center. It empowers security teams to go beyond tracking individual events across data and devices by correlating events from dozens of security tools to individual members of a workforce.

With Unify Power Insights, security teams can track crucial groupings of user behaviors, detect spikes in risky activities in critical business areas, and provide straightforward ways to mitigate associated risks. Examples of Unify Power Insights include:

  • Phishing behavior analysis: Identify individuals repeatedly failing phishing simulations and focus on those actively targeted by real phishing.
  • Account compromise: Pinpoint individuals with multiple successive Service or IDP login failures at a rate above an expected or normal threshold.
  • Malware and unsafe browsing correlation: Uncover the link between malware incidents and unsafe browsing habits among users with elevated credentials.
  • Data loss (sensitive information sharing metrics): Gain insights into the frequency of sensitive information being shared across the organization.

“Human error is the driving force behind most of today’s cybersecurity challenges,” said Ashley Rose, CEO of Living Security. “Unify Power Insights is changing how organizations can improve their security posture by enabling security teams to take a proactive approach to mitigate risks and identify vulnerable members within an organization. Our new service is providing a much-needed solution so that organizations can protect themselves from cybersecurity risks and stay ahead of potential threats.”

Unify Power Insights empowers every team in the security organization:

Security Operations Center and Incident Response: investigate employees with privileged access to sensitive information that Unify Power Insights flags for high risk across phishing, account compromise, malware, or data loss.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance: automate policies that increase account security (such as multi-factor authentication) or restrict access to sensitive information amongst employees exhibiting high risk.

Security Awareness & Training: target topically relevant training and nudges to employees at high risk and save time by enabling vigilant employees to bypass training.

Chief Information Security Officer: improve the overall performance of the security organization by increasing the effectiveness of security prevention, detection, and response.

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