Top cybersecurity concerns for the upcoming elections

In this Help Net Security video, Adam Marrè, CISO at Arctic Wolf, explains how state and local governments must focus on cybersecurity as the 2024 election approaches in the United States.

State and local IT and cybersecurity teams usually have few staff members and are overwhelmed with daily tasks. This workload becomes even heavier during election years with extra responsibilities.

The recent Arctic Wolf 2024 Election Security Survey found that:

  • Nearly half of respondents expect cyber incidents to increase for the 2024 elections relative to 2020, while only 3% believe they will decrease. These findings emphasize the need for additional cybersecurity preparation, tools, and resources in anticipation of the 2024 elections.
  • Respondents are most concerned about disinformation campaigns (50.7%), phishing attacks targeting election officials or staff (47.1%), and hacking attempts related to the 2024 elections (45.6%).
  • Respondents are most concerned about election interference originating from China (30.1%), the US (19.9%) and Russia (19.1%).

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