Atakama Browser Security Platform improves security for MSPs

Atakama unveild the Atakama Browser Security Platform for MSPs. Developed in collaboration with 30-plus MSP design partners, over the past year, Atakama has broken new ground with a revolutionary browser security solution.

Atakama Browser Security Platform

The unveiling signals an opportunity for MSPs to shape the product’s future by joining the Early Access Beta Program to evaluate and provide crucial feedback while unlocking commercial incentives ahead of general availability.

Navigating the distributed and dynamic digital landscape, employees rely heavily on browsers for accessing critical SaaS web applications and data. Recognizing the paramount importance of browser security, Atakama’s innovative platform allows MSPs to protect the Window of Work for their clients.

Purpose-built for MSPs, the Atakama Browser Security Platform is a browser extension that transforms the web browser into a secure, managed workspace, empowering MSPs to control security, set data policies, gain insights, and optimize the user experience. The multi-tenant platform facilitates precise access control and simplified administration, encompassing streamlined billing and ticketing through robust PSA integrations.

“I am thrilled to witness the transformative impact of Atakama’s groundbreaking new product on the landscape of MSPs. This innovation not only elevates browser security to unprecedented levels but also empowers MSPs to redefine their approach, offering clients a level of protection that extends beyond conventional standards. Atakama’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity is reshaping the industry, and this new product marks a pivotal moment that will forever change how MSPs safeguard online experiences irrespective of their clients’ industry or size,” said Chris Loehr, EVP, CTO, CFC Response, Solis.

Key features in the Beta product include:

Insights and monitoring: Collect, measure, analyze, and report on browser and web-application usage data. Uncover trends and identify anomalies for diagnostics and remediation.

Browser security controls: Timely management and enforcement of browser and extension updates, along with maintaining secure browser sessions, ensures users access websites and SaaS applications effortlessly without compromising security.

Anti-phishing, Anti-malware, and DNS filtering: Web traffic filtering to prevent phishing, malware, and other threats. Category-based content filtering to ensure compliance with policies for appropriate usage of corporate resources.

Credentials analysis: Monitor and report on user credential misuse, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities.

“This platform not only addresses the inherent challenges of secure web browsing and access to web applications but also provides unparalleled insights and monitoring capabilities for safety, compliance, and enhanced user productivity,” said Alex Brandt, Head of Partner Success, and Communities, Atakama.

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