Cyberhaven Linea AI protects vital corporate data

Cyberhaven launched Linea AI, an AI platform designed to combat the most critical insider risks threatening vital corporate data.

Cyberhaven Linea AI

Built to match the collective intelligence of the smartest security analysts, Linea AI applies human-like insight across billions of workflows to understand an organization’s data, when it’s at risk, and what’s needed to protect it—with unmatched precision.

Linea AI: The autonomous AI Agent for data security

Unlike traditional data security measures, Linea AI builds a nuanced understanding of how people and teams operate. It mimics the highest level of human analytical insight with the added advantages of unfaltering focus, zero bias, and the capability to operate at an unprecedented scale. This innovative approach allows Linea AI to detect data risks that traditional security tools would miss due to false positives.

“With Linea AI, we’re not just introducing another chatbot; we’re introducing a fully-featured autonomous AI agent for data security. It’s AI that embodies the collective intelligence and insight of the best security analysts and applies it at scale, not just to triage and investigate risk, but to detect and prevent leaks,” said Howard Ting, CEO, Cyberhaven.

“Our goal was to create a solution that not only detects and stops critical risks but does so with the efficiency and precision that modern enterprises require. Linea AI is that solution, and it represents the culmination of years of research and the latest advances in AI technology,” added Ting.

Key features of Linea AI include:

  • Risk detection: Detects insider risks that traditional policies and other AI techniques miss.
  • Risk prioritization: Understands risk to data and surfaces the incidents with greatest business impact.
  • Incident summary: Autonomously performs its own investigations and summarizes findings with plain language explanations to quickly understand user intent.
  • Smart remediation: Recommends the right responses so you can take action quickly when time matters.
  • Guided prevention: Facilitate real-time intervention to proactively reduce risk and improve security posture.

Insider risk detection powered by data lineage

Linea AI intrinsically recognizes abnormal behavior when it sees it. Unlike earlier generation AI technologies like User Entity and Behavior Analytics (UEBA) that look at single events or simple correlations between events, Linea AI takes into account the entire workflow across time for each piece of data at an organization. It’s powered by a Large Lineage Model (LLiM), a breakthrough in AI built on Cyberhaven’s unique graph of corporate workflows.

Similar to a Large Language Model (LLM) that predicts the next word in a sentence, the company’s LLiM analyzes corporate workflows and predicts the next likely action or behavior to occur. It’s able to detect employees mishandling sensitive data when the next action deviates from what is likely or predicted. Cyberhaven’s existing data lineage graph provides LLiM with a unique training dataset no other security company has today.

Key advantages of Linea AI over traditional data security products include:

Protects sensitive data not defined by DLP policies: Identifies what data is sensitive, even if you don’t know it exists or don’t define it within a policy.

More precisely detects risks than UEBA anomalies: Analyzes entire data flows to see the big picture that volumetric anomalies for single actions can’t.

Profiles more behavior than rules-based heuristics: Covers the full spectrum of human behavior that cannot be defined or predicted by rules.

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