Resecurity partners with CyberPeace Foundation to address emerging cyber threats

Resecurity and CyberPeace Foundation have joined forces through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enhance cybersecurity measures worldwide.

The collaboration between Resecurity and CyberPeace Foundation marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to combat cyber threats and promote a safer digital environment for individuals, organizations, and communities globally. By leveraging their respective expertise, resources, and networks, both organizations seek to address the evolving challenges posed by cybercrime and safeguard the digital infrastructure.

CyberPeace Foundation: Empowering global cybersecurity

CyberPeace Foundation, founded with a vision to create a safer cyberspace for all, has been at the forefront of cybersecurity advocacy, capacity-building, research, cyber exercises and awareness-raising initiatives. With a presence in over 130 countries, the foundation has demonstrated its commitment to making the internet a secure and inclusive space.

Maj Vineet Kumar, President of CyberPeace Foundation, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “At CyberPeace Foundation, we believe in the power of collaboration to address the complex challenges of cybersecurity. By partnering with Resecurity, we aim to synergize our efforts and resources to enhance cybersecurity resilience and promote digital peace in India and globally.”

Resecurity: Pioneering cyber threat intelligence solutions

Resecurity, known for its cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions and proactive threat intelligence services, brings a wealth of expertise in identifying and mitigating cyber risks. As a trusted partner to organizations across various sectors, Resecurity is committed to empowering businesses and governments with the insights and tools needed to defend against cyber threats effectively.

Gene Yoo, CEO of Resecurity, emphasized the significance of the collaboration, stating, “In today’s interconnected world, collaboration is essential to effectively combatting cyber threats. By partnering with CyberPeace Foundation, we aim to leverage our expertise in threat intelligence and cybersecurity to contribute to a safer digital ecosystem for all.”

Joint efforts to enhance cybersecurity

The MoU between Resecurity and CyberPeace Foundation outlines several areas of collaboration, including:

  • Joint research and development initiatives to address emerging cyber threats.
  • Capacity-building programs to enhance cybersecurity awareness and skills among individuals and organizations.
  • Collaborative advocacy efforts to promote policies and practices that strengthen cybersecurity and digital peace.
  • Information sharing and exchange of best practices to improve incident response and resilience.

By working together, Resecurity and CyberPeace Foundation aim to amplify their impact and contribute to a more secure and resilient cyberspace for future generations.

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