Bitwarden adds event logs and self-hosting capabilities to its toolkit

Bitwarden strengthened its enterprise plan with event logs and self-hosting options. These features empower organizations with greater transparency when moving to passwordless authentication and enable developers to build workforce passkey authentication with ease.

High demand for enterprise passkey authentication

A recent Bitwarden survey found that 89% of developers are implementing passkeys for workforce authentication, indicating increasing demand for a secure, streamlined method to access internal and custom applications.

Bitwarden, part of the Bitwarden credential management portfolio, is built on FIDO2 WebAuthn standards and offers extensive APIs for effortless passkey integration into customer-facing websites and enterprise applications. Developers can now easily deploy passkey authentication for their applications with significantly reduced implementation time and costs. This enables organizations to boost security posture while focusing on growth and innovation.

Event logs for transparency and self-hosting for control

Event logs enable enterprises to monitor system performance, identify security vulnerabilities, and enhance business compliance. Administrators can now gain added visibility into passkey authentication activities, track critical events, and maintain system oversight.

Developers can also choose to self-host the Bitwarden API and admin consoles on Docker Linux containers, ensuring passkey authentication flows are only accessible through a virtual private network (VPN) for enhanced security and control.

Easier integration of passkeys

With Bitwarden, developers can implement passkey authentication at a reliable scale, enabling greater focus on product development. It also empowers smaller, agile developer teams to bring passkey authentication to market within hours.

Integrating modern passwordless authentication flows for customers, teams, and end users is typically a resource intensive process for most companies. Bitwarden ensures developers have access to a turnkey API to easily build discoverable FIDO2 credentials into websites and applications. also:

  • Minimizes the need for developers to read extensive W3C specification documentation, determine what cryptography to implement, or manage stored public keys.
  • Helps developers bring websites and applications to market with easy, secure logins in minutes using just a few lines of code
  • Furthers the adoption of passkeys, which are more phishing resistant and provide a seamless user experience.

Pricing and availability

The Bitwarden enterprise plan enables the development of passkey authentication without replacing existing authentication workflows. At $3 per month per user, the plan includes the full SDK for passkeys, unlimited applications, and unlimited console administrators.

The Bitwarden credential management product portfolio includes:

Bitwarden Password Manager for organizations and individuals requiring password security that reduces risk of breaches, boosts productivity, and meets compliance requirements.

Bitwarden Secrets Manager for developer, devops, and IT teams requiring a secure and easy-to-use secrets management solution that scales across the development lifecycle.

Bitwarden for developers and early adopters building FIDO2 WebAuthn based passkey authentication for websites and applications.

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