Octopus Deploy acquires Codefresh to drive innovation in continuous delivery

Octopus Deploy announced the acquisition of Codefresh. Codefresh, founded in 2014 by Oleg Verhovsky and Raziel Tabib, is Argo maintainer and leader in Kubernetes CD, GitOps, and CI.

The acquisition marks a significant milestone as Octopus strengthens its support for Kubernetes and its commitment to providing powerful continuous delivery platform for virtual machines and cloud-native enterprise-scale applications.

The combined business positions Octopus Deploy as one of the largest privately held companies in the DevOps ecosystem. Focused exclusively on CD, it has more than 4,000 customers, over 270 employees, and over USD $60,000,000 in annual revenue. Octopus is profitable and has a history of sustainable, profitable growth, a feat unmatched by any other private CI/CD vendor.

“Octopus is thrilled to welcome Codefresh into the team,” said Paul Stovell, CEO of Octopus Deploy. “We’re adding Codefresh’s considerable technology to empower software teams to deploy freely. It represents a big investment in open source and the Argo project that Codefresh maintains and scales with its enterprise offering.”

As an active contributor and maintainer of Argo, Codefresh is the trusted platform for enterprises running Argo and scaling and deploying to Kubernetes. Octopus and Codefresh offer unparalleled benefits for software teams, including advanced CD, deployment automation, release orchestration, environment progression, observability, and enterprise compliance across all workloads.

By integrating Codefresh’s expertise and technology, Octopus now provides the industry’s most comprehensive continuous delivery solution for organizations operating at scale. The seamless integration of powerful CD, CI, and GitOps capabilities in a single platform addresses the long-standing challenge faced by enterprises seeking a unified solution for their CD pipelines.

“We are eager to bring the power of Codefresh’s Continuous Integration and cloud-native GitOps – based on Argo – to Octopus Deploy,” said Raziel Tabib, CEO of Codefresh. “With Codefresh and Octopus, we will elevate the capabilities available to software teams and drive innovation in Continuous Delivery.”

“We’re thrilled to find a home in Octopus, where they believe in the community we’ve helped build around Argo and GitOps,” said Dan Garfield, Chief Open Source Officer of Codefresh. “We’re going to be able to invest even more in open source and continue to grow Argo and other open-source initiatives with our community partners.”

As an active member of the Linux Foundation and the CNCF, Octopus is committed to advancing Argo-based Kubernetes deployments and GitOp-based CD. This commitment will deepen with Codefresh co-founders, Raziel Tabib and Dan Garfield, joining Octopus’s leadership team.

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