DataDome Ad Protect detects fraudulent ad traffic

DataDome launched DataDome Ad Protect, designed to combat fraudulent traffic affecting digital ad campaigns.

DataDome Ad Protect

This solution is set to transform how organizations manage and secure their online advertising efforts, ensuring that marketing budgets are spent effectively and reach genuine audiences.

In an era where digital ad spend is at an all-time high, malicious bots pose a significant threat by inflating metrics and draining budgets through fraudulent clicks. By applying DataDome’s detection accuracy to the ad fraud problem, DataDome Ad Protect detects fraud from the first click, eliminating wasted ad spend and improving ROI for advertisers.

“With DataDome Ad Protect, we’re leveraging the best bot detection engine in the market to tackle ad fraud head-on. Already, we’ve uncovered that up to 35% of our customers’ ad traffic is fraudulent,” said Benjamin Fabre, CEO at DataDome. “But our solution is not just about identifying wasted spend; it’s about reclaiming valuable time for marketing and IT teams, eliminating the need for cumbersome spreadsheets, and accelerating the value derived from marketing campaigns.”

DataDome’s solution solves an acute problem for advertisers. According to Statista research, bad bots are responsible for nearly 18 percent of internet traffic in the marketing industry. DataDome Ad Protect empowers marketers to allocate their campaign funds more effectively, focusing on genuine user engagement and reducing fraudulent clicks. This not only optimizes marketing budgets but also enhances the overall effectiveness of digital advertising campaigns.

By detecting abnormal behavior and safeguarding web and mobile ad campaigns from bot interference, DataDome Ad Protect empowers its users to:

  • Reduce wasted ad spend by accurately detecting automated click fraud in marketing campaigns. DataDome’s bot detection models pinpoint and categorize illegitimate automated traffic, allowing marketers to make precise adjustments to campaign budget allocations.
  • Make informed campaign decisions, leveraging full buyer metrics and the precision of our trusted, bot detection. DataDome distinguishes between genuine and fraudulent interactions, ensuring advertisers only pay for authentic engagement.
  • Boost the bottom line. DataDome Ad Protect detects fraudulent ad traffic from the first click, saving valuable time and reducing manual efforts, enabling enterprises to save money faster.
  • Take more control with a tool from an unbiased source with a transparent and objective perspective on click fraud.


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