Trellix secures sensitive and proprietary information with new protections for macOS

Trellix announced new macOS Trellix Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Complete capabilities to better secure sensitive and proprietary information from accidental or intentional exposure.

Global organizations can now protect against critical data leakage via Outlook email, prevent sensitive documents from being printed or transferred by AirDrop, and block file uploads in Chrome, Edge, and Safari.

In the last five years, 48% of CISOs have experienced a major cyber incident resulting from data theft attacks and 33% of CISOs report managing a major incident caused by employees within their organization.

With use of macOS-enabled workstations and laptops growing globally and nearly one-third of desktop operating systems in the U.S. on macOS, organizations need solutions built to protect against threats to their most important data.

“Workstations and laptops present an increasing risk for employees sharing sensitive data and intellectual property – both accidentally and intentionally,” said John Morgan, XDR GM, Trellix. “Organizations of all sizes need simple and effective methods for protecting their most critical data from data leaks. We continue to expand our coverage for critical data loss vectors to empower our customers to eliminate silos, consolidate resources and increase efficiency.”

Benefits for macOS workstations and laptops include:

  • Stop data exfiltration: Stop data exfiltration through the top data leakage vectors on endpoints – including limiting potential insider data breaches and lowering the risk of successful ransomware attacks.
  • Improve policy adherence: Improve user adherence to policies with instant automated coaching and requests for justification without manual intervention by the security team.
  • Ease of use: Manage macOS protection from one unified console, along with Windows workstations, servers, networks, and the cloud.

New features are available now.

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