AI risks under the auditor’s lens more than ever

According to a recent Gartner survey, widespread GenAI adoption has resulted in a scramble to provide audit coverage for potential risks arising from the technology’s use.

In this Help Net Security video, Thomas Teravainen, a Research Specialist at Gartner, discusses how AI-related risks have seen the biggest increases in audit plan coverage in 2024.

GenAI applications, both publicly accessible and internally developed, introduce enhanced risks in areas like data and information security, privacy, IP rights, and copyright compliance. They also raise concerns about the trustworthiness and reliability of their outputs.

With a significant number of GenAI projects being customer-oriented, the widespread use of GenAI heightens the urgency to monitor and manage unreliable AI outputs, such as biased or inaccurate data and AI “hallucinations.” Addressing these issues is crucial for safeguarding an organization against reputational harm or legal challenges.

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