Zarf: Open-source continuous software delivery on disconnected networks

Zarf is a free, open-source tool that enables continuous software delivery on disconnected networks. It currently offers fully automated support for K3s, K3d, and Kind and is also compatible with EKS, AKS, GKE, RKE2, and many other distro services.


The Zarf CLI, a statically compiled binary, operates independently without any dependencies, ensuring it runs smoothly on any machine. Unlike proprietary software, Zarf avoids vendor lock-in, allowing easy removal and manual deployment.

The tool excels in distributing software across various secure development settings, including edge and embedded systems, secure clouds, data centers, and local setups. It supports connected development and disconnected deployment, enabling teams to build and configure applications or complete DevSecOps environments with internet access, then package and deploy them in disconnected settings.

Zarf simplifies deployments into a single compressed file containing everything your app needs. It can be installed without an internet connection. Its declarative approach ensures consistent application deployment every time. The tool can also incorporate legacy code into modern DevSecOps environments, facilitating deployment.


  • Automate Kubernetes deployments in disconnected environments
  • Automate Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) generation
  • Build and publish packages as OCI image artifacts
  • Provide a web dashboard for viewing SBOM output
  • Create and verify package signatures with cosign
  • Publish, pull, and deploy packages from an OCI registry
  • Powerful component lifecycle actions
  • Deploy a new cluster while disconnected with K3s or into any existing cluster using a kube config
  • Builtin logging stack with Loki
  • Built-in Git server with Gitea
  • Built-in Docker registry
  • Builtin K9s Dashboard for managing a cluster from the terminal
  • Mutating Webhook to automatically update Kubernetes pod’s image path and pull secrets as well as Flux Git Repository URLs and secret references
  • Builtin command to find images and resources from a Helm chart
  • Tunneling capability to connect to Kubernetes resources without network routing, DNS, TLS or Ingress configuration required.

Zarf is available for free on GitHub.

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