Cyble Vision X covers the entire breach lifecycle

Cyble is launching Cyble Vision X, the successor to its Cyble Vision 2.0 threat intelligence platform, to elevate the user experience by empowering decision-makers with immediate access to critical information.

The comprehensive release infuses artificial intelligence (AI) into every aspect of the customer journey and introduces the revamped “Executive Insights” dashboard, which consolidates the most consequential intelligence in one easy-to-use interface.

In addition, an enhanced filter allows users to effortlessly navigate through their data, and a sleeker, more contemporary, and intuitive design ensures an optimized user experience.

“As cyber threats continue to grow in complexity, organizations must have a clear grasp of their threat exposure, risk profile, and digital footprint to implement corrective actions and secure their attack surface effectively,” said Beenu Arora, CEO of Cyble. “Cyble Vision X represents our steadfast commitment to innovation and security while offering our users an experience that is truly unparalleled.”

Cyble Vision X also boasts several other improvements, such as:

  • A new “Alerts Insights” interface, which had been known as “Executive Insights” and has been rebranded to reflect a more granular level of data analysis.
  • A revamped header and collapsible left pane for a cleaner, more efficient workspace.
  • A redesigned authentication screen that maintains the same API functionality amid aesthetic enhancements.

Cyble Vision X users can be assured that the transition from Cyble Vision 2.0 will be handled seamlessly and executed in stages. All existing data will be preserved and migrated to the new platform, with Cyble ensuring uninterrupted service throughout the transition.

“The launch of Cyble Vision X will mark a significant achievement in our mission to provide cyber threat intelligence that enables businesses of all sizes to anticipate and respond to the constantly changing threat environment,” said Manish Chachada, COO of Cyble.

Cyble Vision X will still offer a wide range of capabilities, including incident response, security operations, vulnerability management, threat analysis, and third-party risk. The platform continues to index more than 15 billion dark web records monthly, monitor over 20 billion pages daily, and track more than 5,000 threat actors 24/7. As with its previous model, Cyble Vision X has been designed to cover the entire breach lifecycle, encompassing pre-breach, during-breach, and post-breach stages.

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