Ghost Security Phantasm detects attackers targeting APIs

Ghost Security announced the early access availability of Phantasm, application-specific threat intelligence poised to fill a large gap that currently exists in both threat intelligence and application security.

Developed by a team of industry experts from Ghost Labs, the research and development arm of Ghost Security, Phantasm is the curated threat intelligence feed dedicated to detecting attackers targeting APIs and modern web applications, enabling users to rapidly identify and stop application attacks.

“By focusing on targeted API attacks, we’re addressing a critical hole in threat detection and providing organizations with the proactive defense they need to safeguard their application infrastructure,” says Greg Martin, CEO of Ghost Security.

Phantasm operates as a proprietary global network, comprising thousands of domains, web apps, and APIs deliberately designed to provoke malicious activity from attackers. Real-time insights are delivered to consumers, enabling them to proactively block or alert on suspicious behavior.

Key features of Phantasm include:

  • Curated threat intelligence: Phantasm collects and analyzes malicious traffic, empowering users to identify attack types and emerging trends.
  • Targeted TTPs: Focused and curated tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) are delivered to Phantasm users for monitoring and blocking, with further analysis available through an intuitive user interface.

As cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated, Phantasm offers a proactive defense strategy to combat evolving attack vectors and protect critical assets.

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