Intel 471 launches 471 Attack Surface Protection to enhance external threat visibility

Intel 471 launched the company’s 471 Attack Surface Protection solution, an attack surface management (ASM) tool that provides its customers visibility into their external threat landscape and drives a proactive response that neutralizes threats and mitigates risk. Fueled by Intel 471’s cyber threat intelligence (CTI) data, 471 Attack Surface Protection discovers vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that present significant risk to externally facing network assets and can negatively impact security posture.

471 Attack Surface Protection

“Attack surface management is becoming increasingly more critical to organizations across the globe. Digital transformation and an expanded digital footprint open customers’ attack surfaces to a host of new vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit,” said Jason Passwaters, CEO of Intel 471.

“Unlike other external ASM solutions, Intel 471’s Attack Surface Protection leverages our premier CTI to help customers prioritize risks and allocate resources to remediate exposures quickly and efficiently. At Intel 471, we created 471 Attack Surface Protection, as it allows companies to improve their overall security posture and mitigate risks to system integrity,” Passwaters continued.

471 Attack Surface Protection is designed for organizations of all sizes and cybersecurity maturity levels and is built to grow with customers as their businesses evolve. This tool enables security teams to better prioritize the highest risk external threats first. Using Intel 471’s malware and vulnerability intelligence, this new product helps prioritize patching and identify malware compromises in a customer’s environment without requiring a separate application programming interface (API) access.

In addition to vulnerability insights found on the attack surface, users can also detect issues on unmaintained systems, exposed databases, compromised systems, expired Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates, and more.

“Intel 471’s major strength lies in its exceptional custom threat intelligence, widely regarded as the best in the business,” says Chris Ray, senior analyst with GigaOm, in the 2024 GigaOm Radar for Attack Surface Management (ASM) report.

“This intelligence is human-led and sourced from unique channels, providing a significant edge in threat identification and application throughout the solution. The solution’s flexibility is noteworthy, with its ability to adapt to multiple industries, countries, organizational sizes and spaces,” Ray concluded.

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