Verimatrix XTD Accessibility Abuse Detector identifies Android mobile app threats

Verimatrix introduced Verimatrix XTD Accessibility Abuse Detector service that builds upon its ongoing successful discoveries of notable Android security threats and provides much-needed GDPR protections.

Verimatrix XTD Accessibility Abuse Detector

Verimatrix XTD and its suite of cybersecurity solutions have been helping customers identify Android mobile app threats such as tampering and abuse of Android’s accessibility feature for many years.

However, the company has now enhanced its offerings by adding proactive capabilities leveraging AI and ML to detect keylogging, credit card data theft, and comprehensive anti-overlay attack protection. These vital capabilities fortify the protective shield built into mobile apps, ensuring Verimatrix XTD Accessibility Abuse Detector provides robust, multi-layered security against modern mobile app threats.

With its innovative technology and commitment to staying ahead of bad actors, Verimatrix products combined with monitoring and threat investigation services provided by XTD Labs, helps customers safeguard their applications and protect their customers’ sensitive data.

As an added benefit, the Verimatrix XTD Accessibility Abuse Detector feature, combined with all the other features and benefits included in its offerings helps customers address 9 out of 10 OWASP Top 10 Mobile Risks.

The OWASP Mobile Security Project aims to educate developers and security teams on building secure mobile apps. Understanding mobile app risks helps avoid pitfalls and protect user data. The OWASP Mobile Security Testing Guide provides comprehensive security testing guidelines for iOS and Android apps.

The Mobile Application Security Verification Standard offers development guidance and testing standards.

“Any opportunity to dramatically reduce the chance of personal information theft, account information breaches, misuse of login authentication, or credit card fraud is welcome,” said Tom Powledge, Head of Cybersecurity Business for Verimatrix.

“Verimatrix XTD Accessibility Abuse Detector™ is a great feature because it proactively prevents overlay attacks, one of the more prevalent mobile app exploits we see in banking and financial services. It’s a real win for customers as they are able to suspend compromised app instances to avoid financial losses or credential theft,” added Powledge.

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