ISSUE 49 (February, 2016)

Privacy by design

Issue 49 Contributors

Ben Desjardins
Director of Security Solutions at Radware
Wolfgang Kandek
CTO at Qualys
Tom Kellermann
Chief Cybersecurity Officer at Trend Micro
John Kuhn
Senior Threat Researcher at IBM X-Force
Zoran Lalic
Senior Security Engineer at a large corporation
Fan Lei
Information Security Manager of Americas at Takeda Pharmaceuticals
John Smith
Principal Solution Architect at Veracode
Shay Zandani
Founder and CEO of Cytegic

Table of contents

  • Privacy by design: What it is and where to build it
  • Harnessing artificial intelligence to build an army of virtual analysts
  • Building and implementing an incident response program from scratch
  • Take it to the boardroom: Elevating the cybersecurity discussion
  • Cyber security control maturity: What it is, and why you should care
  • Have I been hacked? The indicators that suggest you have
  • Demanding accountability: The need for cyber liability
  • Adding the cloud to your rainy day plan
  • The slings and arrows of encryption technology

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