ISSUE 71 (March 2022)
Cybersecurity mindset
Issue 71 Contributors
Sean Arrowsmith
Director, Crossword Cybersecurity
Benjamin Anderson
CTO, Cloud, EDB
Onkar Birk
CTO, Alert Logic
Tim Callan
Chief Compliance Officer, Sectigo
Tony Cole
CTO, Attivo Networks
Darren Fields
VP of Cloud Networking EMEA, Citrix
Guy Gilam
Head of Product Marketing, Cybellum
Ryan Lloyd
Chief Product Officer, Guardsquare
John Milburn
CEO, Clear Skye
Saryu Nayyar
CEO, Gurucul
Martin Rehak
CEO, Resistant AI
Larkin Ryder
Director, Product Security, Slack
Ben Smith
Field CTO, NetWitness
Matt Tesauro
Director of Security Evangelism, Noname Security
Rizwan Virani
President, Alliant Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity mindset

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Table of contents

  • Five tips on how to stay (cyber)secure in a hybrid work world
  • Open-source code: How to stay secure while moving fast
  • Enterprise PKI automation: The modern approach to certificate lifecycle management
  • Preventing document fraud in a world built on digital trust
  • API security: Understanding the next top attack vector
  • The evolution of security analytics
  • Supply chain cybersecurity: Pain or pleasure?
  • A 2022 priority: Automated mobile application security testing
  • Bridging the “front and back of the house”: A lesson in risk management
  • Why security strategies need a new perspective
  • The four types of remote workers your security awareness program must address
  • Reducing the blast radius of credential theft
  • Small businesses are most vulnerable to growing cybersecurity threats
  • Cultivating a security-first mindset for software developers
  • Supply chain shortages create a cybersecurity nightmare


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ISSUE 71(March, 2022)

  • Why security strategies need a new perspective
  • The evolution of security analytics
  • Open-source code: How to stay secure while moving fast
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