ISSUE 5 (December 2005)
Web application firewalls
Issue 5 Contributors
Ugo Bellavance
Independent consultant
Melisa Bleasdale
Communications consultant
Alessandro Perilli
Founder of False Negatives
Ivan Ristic
Author of ModSecurity
Jon Read, Seth Fogie and Cyrus Peikari
Members of Airscanner Mobile Security Team
Kevin J. Schmidt
Senior software developer at SecureWorks

Web application firewalls

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Table of contents

  • Web application firewalls primer
  • Review: Trustware BufferZone 1.6
  • Threat analysis using log data
  • Looking back at computer security in 2005
  • Writing an enterprise handheld security policy
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Revenge of the Web mob
  • Hardening Windows Server 2003 platforms made easy
  • Filtering spam server-side

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