ISSUE 8 (September 2006)
PCI demystified
Issue 8 Contributors
Dr. Anton Chuvakin

Michael Dahn
President of Volubis, Inc.
Seth Fogie
Member of the Airscanner Mobile Security Team
Oleg Gudilin
Analyst at Kaspersky Lab
J. Frank Grindstaff, Jr.
Ulf T. Mattsson
CTO of Protegrity
Giuseppe Maxia
Product development manager at SmoothWall

PCI demystified

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Table of contents

  • Payment Card Industry demystified
  • Skype: how safe is it?
  • Computer forensics vs. electronic evidence
  • Review: Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 4.0
  • SSH port forwarding – security from two perspectives, part two
  • Log management in PCI compliance
  • Airscanner vulnerability summary: Windows Mobile security software fails the test
  • Proactive protection: a panacea for viruses?
  • Introducing the MySQL Sandbox
  • Continuous protection of enterprise data: a comprehensive approach

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