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Cambridge Quantum Computing

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Quantum Origin protects data and systems against evolving quantum attacks

Cambridge Quantum is launching Quantum Origin – a commercially available cryptographic key generation platform based on verifiable quantum randomness. It is a commercial …

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Cambridge Quantum and Honeywell Quantum Solutions merge to create a new firm called Quantinuum

Cambridge Quantum and Honeywell Quantum Solutions announced they have satisfied all of the conditions required to close the business combination and formed the new company, …

Prof. Stephen Clark joins Cambridge Quantum Computing as Head of Artificial Intelligence

Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) announce the appointment of Prof. Stephen Clark as Head of Artificial Intelligence. Prof. Clark joins CQC from DeepMind where he was a Senior …

Scientists develop quantum machine learning methods for reasoning

Scientists at Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) have developed methods and demonstrated that quantum machines can learn to infer hidden information from very general …

Denise Ruffner appointed as Chief Business Officer at Cambridge Quantum Computing

Cambridge Quantum Computing (“CQC”) announced that Denise Ruffner has been appointed Chief Business Officer and a member of the Company’s executive …

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