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After a cyber breach, companies risk losing employees’ trust

54% of office workers would reconsider working for a company that had recently experienced a cyber breach, according to a study by Encore. An independent study of 100 C-level …

Outdated infrastructure not up to today’s ransomware challenges

A global research commissioned by Cohesity reveals that nearly half of respondents say their company depends on outdated, legacy backup and recovery infrastructure to manage …

identity theft
Cosumers don’t think they can dodge identity fraud

Nearly one in 10 smartphone users in the UK (9%), as many as 5.7 million people, have fallen victim to identity fraud in the last 12 months, according to a research by GBG. …

What is challenging secure application development?

A Censuswide report reveals the biggest security challenges that application security (AppSec) managers and software developers are facing within their organizations in …

Healthcare organizations at risk: The attack surface is expanding

Armis released data showing the increased security risk faced by healthcare organizations and patients as an increase in connected devices creates an expanded attack surface, …

Why poor visibility is hampering cybersecurity

Enterprises are challenged with security basics, according to Panaseer’s first Security Leader’s Peer Report. Data from an external survey of 200 enterprise …

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