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Enterprise attitudes to cybersecurity: Strategies to balance risk and business acceleration

IT decision makers are facing major challenges between dynamic adversaries, significant legislation and regulation requirements, business digital transformation needs, and a …

How cloud storage providers can preempt cyber attacks with business continuity

Cloud storage is now an integral part of almost every enterprise infrastructure and, as a result, security has become one of the most crucial elements of any cloud storage …

By 2025 workforce most likely to consist of humans and bots

The workforce, workplace, and the technologies that support them will be so different by 2025 that enterprises need to provide global access and ensure continuous uptime now. …

AI won’t solve all of our cybersecurity problems

AI is already supporting businesses with tasks ranging from determining marketing strategies, to driverless cars, to providing personalized film and music recommendations. And …

Is your organization ready for the data explosion?

“Data is the new oil” and its quantity is growing at an exponential rate, with IDC forecasting a 50-fold increase from 2010 to 2020. In fact, by 2020, it’s estimated that new …

Companies getting serious about AI and analytics, 58% are evaluating data science platforms

New O’Reilly research found that 58 percent of today’s companies are either building or evaluating data science platforms – which are essential for companies that are …

How accepting that your network will get hacked will help you develop a plan to recover faster

As anyone in the network security world will tell you, it is an extremely intense and stressful job to protect the corporate network from ever-evolving security threats. For a …

The most effective security strategies to guard sensitive information

Today’s enterprise IT infrastructures are not largely hosted in the public cloud, nor are they SaaS-based, with security being the single largest barrier when it comes to …

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