How cloud storage providers can preempt cyber attacks with business continuity

Cloud storage is now an integral part of almost every enterprise infrastructure and, as a result, security has become one of the most crucial elements of any cloud storage provider’s operation.

Cyberattacks against businesses, big and small, have become all too common. According to Breach Level Index, over 14.6 billion records have been stolen since 2013 (that’s almost 7 million per day, and 81 per second) – so cloud storage providers are under more pressure than ever to be prepared.

Cloud storage providers are responsible for the protection of millions of users’ data, and they can’t afford to ignore business continuity and risk management. Fortunately, there are professionals who can help an organization take proactive steps to ensure an effective response when cyber crises strike. For example:

Align risk management resources

Risk management and business continuity plans need to be developed and maintained in alignment with the requirements of the cloud provider’s disaster recovery programs.

A comprehensive approach to an overall program enables risk management professionals to work in tandem with IT, security, and business continuity teams to ensure all parties have the same understanding of the plan, and that it has been well-tested. Such capabilities come only by starting with well-coordinated resources and a comprehensive approach.

Build a centralized source of risk data

In the case of cloud storage providers, risk management data and plans are often scattered throughout the organization. With so many moving parts, it can be hard to establish a singular source of accurate, reliable data. As a result, a provider can spend valuable time pulling information from various systems and departments. In the event of a breach, a singular source of information more easily enables the provider to put the business continuity plan into motion without a hitch.

Establish automatic workflows that allow all parties to move as one

Without a strong risk management plan, data breaches can bring work to a standstill while all the parties involved manually play their part. Cloud storage providers should align the programs to meet all regulatory requirements, while also meeting the needs of their users. The end result should be a set of reports that deliver insightful and actionable data so that leadership can make informed, confident decisions in the wake of a cyber-incident.

Business continuity is a critical area for cloud storage providers that needs to be thoroughly planned, governed and exercised.

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