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Criminals can build Web dossiers with data collected by browsers

Everybody knows by now that websites collect information about users’ location, visited pages, and other data that can help them improve or monetize the experience. But …

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Polisis: AI-based framework for analyzing privacy policies in real time

It has been known for a while that the overwhelming majority of Internet users doesn’t read privacy policies and terms of service before agreeing to them. Those few that do …

Analysis of 500 million passwords shows what you should avoid

A dump of over 550 million username and password combinations is currently being sold on underground forums, and eager crooks are paying for the privilege to test them out …

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Analyze your data: Where is it and who has it?

It is becoming widely recognized that “unknown” data leakage of PCI data, and more broadly other Personally Identifiable Information, within enterprises is the highest value …

Phone metadata can reveal sensitive info about individuals

Since Snowden revealed that the NSA collects from Verizon phone records of US citizens on a daily basis, those who support that kind of collection have been repeatedly …

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