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Security researchers sinkholed EITest infection chain

Security researchers have managed to neutralize “EITest,” one of the oldest infection chains and thus preventing as many as two million potential malicious …

RIG EK covertly delivers cryptocurrency miners

Malware peddlers have been quick to react to the cryptocurrency boom and to take advantage of every possible way to make other people and organizations mine coins for them. …

Word malware
AKBuilder: A builder for exploit-laden Word documents

One doesn’t have to be a great coder to become a successful cybercriminal, as underground markets are filled with offerings that automate one or another step of an …

Malvertising campaign compromises routers instead of computers

The DNSChanger exploit kit is back and more effective than ever, and is being used in a widespread malvertising attack whose goal is to compromise small/home office routers. …

Betabot steals passwords, downloads ransomware

The infamous and ever-changing Betabot information-stealing Trojan is back again, and has been observed downloading another well-known threat – the Cerber ransomware. Of …

Innovative techniques allow malvertising campaigns to run for years

A threat actor dubbed AdGholas has been mounting successful malvertising campaigns by using innovative targeting and obfuscation techniques, and has been infecting thousands …

Slew of WP-based business sites compromised to lead to ransomware

If an approach works well, there is no reason to change tack, and the masters of the SoakSoak botnet are obviously of the same belief. A year and a half after they have been …

Compromised Joomla sites are foisting ransomware on visitors

Administrators of WP and Joomla sites would do well to check for specific fake analytics code injected into their properties, as a ransomware delivery campaign taking …

Broken glass
Angler exploit kit bypasses EMET’s defenses

The infamous Angler exploit kit is now capable of bypassing the protections offered by Microsoft’s Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET), FireEye researchers …

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