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Telecrypt Decryptor foils ransomware’s simple encryption method

The recently spotted Telecrypt ransomware can be thwarted: malware analyst Nathan Scott has created a tool that decrypts the encrypted files. Telecrypt Decryptor works only if …

Google Chrome
Google Chrome users targeted by tech support scammers

Google Chrome users, beware: tech support scammers are misusing helpful browser features to impersonate Microsoft and to bombard users users with pop-ups. In the first …

NASCAR team falls victim to ransomware, pays ransom

Most US businesses would perhaps not pay in the event of a ransomware attack, but Circle-Sport Leavine Family Racing (CSLFR), a professional NASCAR car racing team, is not one …

DMA Locker 4.0
DMA Locker ransomware ready for mass distribution

According to Malwarebytes’ researcher Hasherezade, we’re in for a lot of pain once the new and improved DMA Locker ransomware starts doing the rounds. Its first …

Fake Chrome LastPass extension leads to unwanted installs

A fake LastPass extension has been found lurking on the Chrome Web Store, offering promises of free and easy password management, but instead taking users for a ride involving …

Beware of Airbnb-themed phishing schemes

Airbnb-themed phishing scams do not crop up often, but customers of the service should be aware of the possibility of getting their login credentials stolen and misused. …

Revelation of security bugs jumpstarts launch of Malwarebytes’ bug bounty program

Malwarebytes CEO Marcin Kleczynski has announced that the company has launched a bug bounty program in an effort to make its software more secure. “The Coordinated …

Beware of Facebook “Security System Page” scams

Facebook users have lately become targets of phishers who are not satisfied with stealing the users’ login information, but they want their security questions and …

Symantec scam
Authorized Symantec reseller scams users into buying security software

Malwarebytes researchers have discovered a new tech support scam that, unlike most, is being perpetrated by an active member of the Symantec Partner Program. Users are being …

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