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Spoofed IRS notice delivers RAT through link updating trick

The malware delivery trick involving updating links in Word documents is apparently gaining some traction: the latest campaign to use it likely takes the form of fake emails …

Phishers targeting LinkedIn users via hijacked accounts

A new phishing campaign has been spotted hitting LinkedIn users via direct messages and the LinkedIn InMail feature. They are sent from legitimate LinkedIn Premium accounts …

New infosec products of the week​: August 25, 2017

Malwarebytes for Android features proprietary anti-ransomware technology Malwarebytes released Malwarebytes for Android, featuring targeted defense against mobile malware, …

Attackers turn to auto-updating links instead of macros to deliver malware

SANS ISC handler Xavier Mertens has flagged and analyzed a malicious Word file that, somehow, is made to automatically download an additional malicious RTF file, ultimately …

22% of SMBs hit by ransomware had to cease business operations

More than one-third of small and medium-sized businesses have experienced a ransomware attack in the last year, a new Malwarebytes report claims, and 22 percent of these …

Photo gallery: Infosecurity Europe 2017 Expo, part 3

Infosecurity Europe 2017 is underway at Olympia London in London. Here are a few photos from the expo floor. Featured companies: Qualys, Malwarebytes, Cyberbit, Fortinet, ForeScout.

Dok Mac malware intercepts victims’ web traffic, installs backdoor

A new piece of Mac malware, more insidious and dangerous that all those encountered before, has been flung at European users via fake (but relatively convincing) emails. In …

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Your iPhone is not infected, and you don’t need a free VPN app to clean it

To be sure that your online browsing is protected and your data is secure, you have to be able to trust the VPN service of your choice. But, as a research into Android VPN …

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The emergence of new global cybercriminal attack patterns

The findings of a new Malwarebytes report illustrate a significant shift in cybercriminal attack and malware methodology from previous years. Ransomware, ad fraud and botnets, …

Fruitfly: Unusual Mac backdoor used for tightly targeted attacks?

Researchers have found and analyzed a Mac backdoor that is unusual in many ways. The malware – detected as OSX.Backdoor.Quimitchin by Malwarebytes but dubbed Fruitfly by …

New infosec products of the week​: December 9, 2016

Thales releases advanced encryption solutions for secure docker containers Thales released new capabilities for its Vormetric Data Security Platform. These advances extend …

Tech support scammers have started using ransomware

Tech support scammers have begun using ransomware to force users to pay for the “cleaning” of their infected computer. Unlike most previous tech support schemes, …

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