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Stealthy in-browser cryptomining continues even after you close window

In-browser cryptocurrency mining is, in theory, a neat idea: make users’ computers “mine” Monero for website owners so they don’t have to bombard users …

The Wild West of drive-by cryptocurrency mining

As more and more Coinhive clones continue popping up, chances of users’ CPU power being hijacked for cryptocurrency mining are rising. According to Malwarebytes’ …

Have you heard about Bitcoin multipliers?

Professedly, they are services that multiply any Bitcoin amount you send them by several times, and return to you the total amount in a mere hours. How do they do that? …

Compromised analytics provider made Equifax’s site point to malware

Yesterday’s revelation that Equifax’s credit report assistance Web page was spotted redirecting visitors to malware resulted in the company temporarily disabling …

Equifax’s site hacked to redirect info-seeking visitors to adware

Here’s the last incredible-but-not-really Equifax security blunder: it appears that their Web site has been hacked, and made to redirect to site serving adware …

Spoofed IRS notice delivers RAT through link updating trick

The malware delivery trick involving updating links in Word documents is apparently gaining some traction: the latest campaign to use it likely takes the form of fake emails …

Phishers targeting LinkedIn users via hijacked accounts

A new phishing campaign has been spotted hitting LinkedIn users via direct messages and the LinkedIn InMail feature. They are sent from legitimate LinkedIn Premium accounts …

New infosec products of the week​: August 25, 2017

Malwarebytes for Android features proprietary anti-ransomware technology Malwarebytes released Malwarebytes for Android, featuring targeted defense against mobile malware, …

Attackers turn to auto-updating links instead of macros to deliver malware

SANS ISC handler Xavier Mertens has flagged and analyzed a malicious Word file that, somehow, is made to automatically download an additional malicious RTF file, ultimately …

22% of SMBs hit by ransomware had to cease business operations

More than one-third of small and medium-sized businesses have experienced a ransomware attack in the last year, a new Malwarebytes report claims, and 22 percent of these …

Photo gallery: Infosecurity Europe 2017 Expo, part 3

Infosecurity Europe 2017 is underway at Olympia London in London. Here are a few photos from the expo floor. Featured companies: Qualys, Malwarebytes, Cyberbit, Fortinet, ForeScout.

Dok Mac malware intercepts victims’ web traffic, installs backdoor

A new piece of Mac malware, more insidious and dangerous that all those encountered before, has been flung at European users via fake (but relatively convincing) emails. In …

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